News Surfing: Doctor Who's Ponds get mini-adventure! Inbetweeners get bigger-adventure! MORE!


Hello! This week in News Surfing, the new TV season looms closer and we have more trailers, previews and half-formed schedules than I really know what to do with. Soon it will be September and there will be more real shows on, and I shall no longer have to watch Sinbad.

But until that glorious moment comes, let's see what goodies have been drip-fed to us by press offices...

ITEM! First up, though: a show that will not be returning to British TV soon. The Inbetweeners concluded on Channel 4 a while back, but has managed to make the news on two fronts this week. You may remember that movie from last year? Quite successful, broke records, basically felt like a Summer Special of the show?

Well, inevitably, a sequel is in the works. According to The Guardian, it's early days yet, the writers are just starting up on ideas, but with the success of the last one, I imagine they'll make it happen. At least they've stopped pretending to be eighteen. And, even better, this means another few pub conversations where I can bring up the fact I went to secondary school with Joe Thomas (aka Simon). Score.

Relatedly, the US version of Inbetweeners finally aired on MTV on Tuesday. This has been mocked considerably in advance, including by me, but early reviews seem to suggest it was... y'know, alrightish. Not great, but not awful either. No word yet on a UK broadcast so we can form our own middling non-opinions.

ITEM! After a confused moment earlier this week, we have real confirmation that Doctor Who will return on September 1st as we reported. As pointed out by the excellent Blogtor Who on Twitter, there are five Saturdays in that month, so the entire five-episode run will air in the month of September 2012.

AND the BBC have confirmed on the official Doctor Who Twitter a multi-part online mini-adventure called Pond Life, focusing on the domestic existence of the Ponds between series. It will be available from the 27th August, probably on the official BBC site. How exciting.

So thrilling, in fact, that I've embedded a brief Karen Gillan/Arthur Darvill intro video for the upcoming Pond Life...

ITEM! I don't usually cover gossip stories but this one has been too everywhere to ignore. Turning, as we do for the trashy stuff, to Digital Spy, the actors of New Tricks have been complaining about a perceived drop in writing quality, adding that they had been known to re-write some of the scripts themselves.

The writers then hit back with a string of sarky comments, and basically it got bitchy. I'd hate to be on set for filming of the next series. If I were forced to pick a side, I'd probably go with the writers, because writing is often under-valued as an art form, but my main feeling? Stop doing this stuff in public, no-one comes out of it well.

ITEM! I know I said I'd stop posting Dexter trailers because I was drowning in them, but this newest one has a lot of proper new series footage and genuinely got me excited for the seventh season. So I'm making an exception, check it out just down there.

(Although if you're dead set against spoilers, it does provide a few details of where they might be going.)

ITEM! We should be getting Red Dwarf X on Dave in the next couple of months, and the titles of all six episodes have now been revealed courtesy of Bleeding Cool and the BBFC.

They are:
1. Trojan
2. Fathers and Suns
3. Lemons
4. Entanglement
5. Dear Dave
6. The Beginning

As many Dwarf fans have already noted, the title of the very first episode of the series was The End, so could the title of the sixth one here have significance? Is this the last ever series?

ITEM! Last week, we reported a tweet by Armando Iannucci saying the return of The Thick Of It was nigh, and there have been a string of further press articles this week, so it really must be pretty soon.

There's a particularly extensive piece in The Independent although, be warned, it does again feature so many plot details that they could be considered spoilers.


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