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30th January 2013 16:17:00
Posted by Colin Polonowski

Could David Bradley be playing William Hartnell more than once?

Here be rumours! - we have no official confirmation and this comes from an anonymous source so you might want to take this with an entire salt cellar.

Further to our earlier news item confirming David Bradley's starring role in Mark Gatiss' docu-drama, Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time, we have another snippet that is firmly in the rumour camp at the moment. We've heard from an insider that the Harry Potter actor didn't just sign up to play Hartnell, but he has also joined the cast of the proper 50th Anniversary story playing the first Doctor himself.

If true, this would add weight to the reports that a multi-Doctor story is in the pipeline and it would certainly make a lot of sense to cast Bradley in both roles.

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