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5th February 2013 13:48:00
Posted by Daniel J McLaughlin

TV chef Delia Smith retires after 40 years

Delia Smith announces retirement from TV, move online.
Popular TV chef, Delia Smith has announced her retirement after 40 years of gracing our screens. The 71-year-old will instead launch online tutorials, citing the "pressures to entertain" as a reason for retirement.

Delia Smith said:
"This is the future for me and the population. Itís the best thing Iíve ever done. Itís better than television or live demonstration. Itís miles ahead. If you do a TV programme now, itís got to entertain.

"When I started, there was further education in the BBC; now you have to entertain. You have someone telling me I havenít got time to show this, or I havenít got time to show that."


She told the Radio Times that she had been approached by the BBC for a new series after she appeared in the Waitrose TV advertisements with Heston Blumenthal, but turned it down. Smith rose to fame in the 1970s with the How To Cook series.

This is not the first time that Delia Smith has retired. In 2003, she cited similar reasons but later reconsidered.