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I’m Amy and I’m the manager of Television @ The Digital Fix. This means that I ask people to write things for me and panic lots about what they have written. I am a card carrying Doctor Who geek; I once made an airfix model of a TARDIS. It is awesome. When I’m not watching TV I’m studying for my philosophy degree, reading and/or cooking.
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My Mad Fat Diary - Review

It's not as bad as the advert made it out to be. Promise.

Arthur's Bane

Merlin is back, it's still bad, and our writer still loves it.

We Recommend: Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is back for its second series, and it's worth a look if nothing else.

Doctor Who - Series Seven

Series seven is over, and our writer has fallen out of love with Doctor Who.

Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks - Review

The return of the Doctor - is it everything we dreamed?

Date for the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who

Cancel all Saturday night plans — Doctor Who is back.

The Great British Bake Off - Spoiler Free Preview!

Want a taste (hur hur hur) of the first episode?

We Recommend: Pointless

Imagine if Numberwang was real, but involved Alexander Armstrong...

Richard E. Grant is going to be a Doctor Who guest star

Guest stars are being announced for the seventh series, and Richard E. Grant is the first

NEW Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer!

Doctor Who is back for 2012 with a new trailer!

Fancy giving five minutes to help us out?

If you could help us out, we'd be SO grateful...

Channel 4 to broadcast a series on mental health

Channel 4 set to tackle mental health

The final episode of The Fast Show

They're getting their coats...

And the new Doctor Who companion is...

The new star of British TV has been announced.

The Fast Show - Episode 10

The latest episode of The Fast Show is here for your viewing pleasure.

Watch the Fast Show and WIN signed scripts!

Do you want to win a signed script and cast photo from The Fast Show?

WINNERS of our Merlin competition

Winners of our competition...

Eve of the War

Being Human is back, and it's really flipping good.

We Recommend: Birdsong

Get the tissues ready — it's going to be sad.

Netflix vs. LoveFilm

TV and film on demand — but which is worth it?