Being Human: Being Human 1955 – Spoiler-Free Preview!


This week in All-New Being Human, things get even Newer, as replacement vampire Hal gets written in. We got a glimpse of him last week, but get ready for an onslaught of posh-accented, well-dressed fanging this time.

So, how does he look? Will the unfavourable comparisons to Mitchell be immediate? Here are a few early, spoiler-free ruminations.


As you may have predicted from the trailer last week, the bulk of this is taken up with getting the Southend-based Being Human spin-off together with their Barry counterparts, then letting things unfold. Obviously, there is still a lot of set-up, but surprisingly I really enjoyed it.

Perhaps because unlike last week’s doom, gloom and resource allocation, this is fun to watch. There’s less admin to get through and they do the job without all that angst and trudging. As a pilot for the new era, it makes a much more convincing case for its existence.

If fact, to be honest, if you’re a new viewer and are (for some reason) reading this and considering jumping on board, start here. Ignore last week, it was mostly sealing off loose ends for the benefit of the existing audience anyway. You can get everything that matters in the “Previously” montage.

Hal comes over well, struggling with his blood lust in a more British, uptight way that Mitchell, and his relationship with Tom is entertainingly nervy. Annie still annoys me, but I think that’s just inevitable.

So yes, after a slightly hard slogging first episode, this second episode of Being Human was decent TV - I’m surprised and a little relieved. Check it out on Sunday at 9PM on BBC Three if you have time, it might be the start of something good. If you want a bit of pre-amble to tide you over, check out this online prelude in which Hal meets his werewolf companion Leo.

See even more about Being Human on the official BBC site.


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