Being Human: The Graveyard Shift – Spoiler Free Preview!


The third All New Being Human of the year, and wasn’t the last one good? Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, maybe this series was always about the idea of a vampire/werewolf/ghost houseshare, rather than how amazing Russell Tovey is - perhaps that’s why the US version has just been renewed for a third year.

So there’s magic here after all. Can they sustain it for a second week?


This week, Hal is forced out into the world of work, despite that stern warning last week about keeping him away from other people. This sets him up for more bonding sessions with Tom, as they slowly form that close wolf/vampire bond we saw with Mitchell and George.

To be honest, those two have ended up being the main attraction. I was wary of Tom as a lead character, as Michael Socha’s acting last series was ropey at times, but with Hal to bounce off and a more rounded character to chew on, I’ve really enjoyed him. Hal, also, is an interesting change from Mitchell’s special brand of homeless-gothic chic.

(Yes, I still find Annie annoying, but I can’t have everything.)

There is still the constant threat of a vampire-war subplot hissing around the edges, and I must admit, part of me is dreading that prophecy coming true, as it might plunge the show back into the gothic-angst territory that I find dull. Still, seeing Mark Williams (aka Arthur Weasley) reprise his role as the librarian-vampire was a lot of short-term fun.

So, another strong episode. Much as I miss The Tovey, this could be the most I’ve looked forward to each new Being Human episode since the very beginning of the whole thing. All credit to the new regime. They might have pulled it off. Let us know how you’re enjoying it!

The next Being Human airs at 9PM on Sunday on BBC Three, check out the official BBC site for more information.


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