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It might not seem long since The Walking Dead returned to life for its second season, and thatís because it wasnít. In fact, it was early December when we covered the mid-series finale, which brought a horrifying climax to several weeks of farm based meandering.

Well, tonight the series returns to FX for six more weeks of zombie action. Will it be bigger, stronger and deader?


Trivia and gossip fans may already know that these are the first episodes spearheaded by new showrunner Glen Mazzera, after the ambiguous firing/resignation of previous boss Frank Darabont. Mazzera, and fellow producer Robert Kirkman, have acknowledged complaints about sluggishness in interviews, so will we see a faster brand of shambling this time?

Weíve taken a look at the first episode, and can confirm that, well, itís everything youíd expect from a TV show in the aftermath of a tragedy. Everyone is very quiet and shellshocked. Itís hard to say they havenít earned it, but it also doesnít do much to silence complaints of slowness.

There are big moments though, and certainly a chance for the writers to pick up the pace and get back to a more dangerous, unpredictable feeling. I think thatís what people have been missing so far in the second season, with the characters allowed to settle into a calm, domestic farm life.

So, The Walking Dead returns to FX in the UK tonight at 10PM, and while itís not a huge change of pace, thereís promise there. Certainly, fans who were already enjoying the second season will find little to complain about, but critics may be a little unsure. Let us know below what youíre hoping for in these final six weeks.

For more info, check out FX's official site.


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