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1st March 2012 12:06:00
Posted by Nick Bryan

Early details revealed for new Misfits characters

Details released for new characters in E4 sci-fi series Misfits.
As fans of E4's superhero-swearfest Misfits will know, they lost a few cast members at the end of last series, so fresh blood is needed. Well, Bleeding Cool has posted the casting details for the three new characters they're looking for.

You can see the full details at the link above, but they include Jess, described as a "female Larry David" who "hates bullshit", as well as Finn, "always eager to please and enthusiastic", and Alex, "the sexiest guy on the estate" who is curiously standoffish.

The roles are open to 18-25 year olds with any ethnicity or accent, so it's hard to even begin to imagine what they will be like on screen, but Alex sounds like he might be replacing Simon as the slightly awkward one of the group, and Bleeding Cool speculates that Jess will be the biggest part of the three.

Of course, if any readers are working actors, the closing date is apparently today, but this could still be you!

And for the rest of us, what do you think of these descriptions? Are you more or less excited for the return of Misfits?

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