Being Human: Hold The Front Page - Spoiler-Free Preview!


The upcoming episode of Being Human features the return of a popular vampire character from last year. No, not Mitchell, heís still dead; this is Adam, teen bloodsucker and star of his own web-based spin off: Becoming Human. It was actually quite good, if you didnít watch it at the time.

But thatís not what weíre here to talk about. How did his return measure up? (And no spoilers, as ever.)

Happily, Adam is as gleefully obnoxious as he was before. His strange combination of teenage hormones and middle-aged cynicism works well. Theyíve come up with an interesting plot too Ė this isnít just ďAdam turns up againĒ. I wonít spoil it, in case youíre determined to remain pure, but they did lay it out in the trailer at the end of the last one.

Tom gets a little sidelined, so prepare yourself, wolf-fans, but that does happen in this show. Annie was a distant third throughout the early years. Speaking of the ghost, she does a surprisingly capable job of being the mother of the house this time, nurturing yet not irritating. This is the first episode where she hasnít annoyed me for... quite some time.

So yes, this looks like another positive review. If last weekís thin effort represented a wobble, this one sees them straighten up and get back on track. Bravo, Team Human. If I had to criticise (and sometimes I do), the vague plot shape has some similarities to that last one. Iím not moaning about post-traumatic stress, just think they should mix up the order a bit better.

Still, this is a good showing from Being Human, and Iím back to loving the new series. How are you all finding it? Like last week? Looking forward to next? Sound off below.

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