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Starting tonight on BBC2, itís The Sarah Millican Television Programme, a show which, if nothing else, has a self-explanatory name. You canít sit down to this and claim you have no earthly idea whatís coming.

Which makes it hard to write a ďreviewĒ, because the only real question youíll be asking yourself is ďDo I like Sarah Millicanís comedy?Ē And, if the answer is yes, youíll probably watch it, irrespective of what I type. Nonetheless, if youíre on the fence, I did check out the first episode.

The Sarah Millican Television Programme, in short, is a chance for Millican to talk about television programmes. In the first episode, she discusses wildlife shows and dating shows, bringing on a guest from each genre to provide expert insight. Presumably, later episodes will tackle another couple of TV formats each.

There are plenty of good jokes here, Sarah Millican is a very endearing host, and her material is endearingly filthy. There are plenty of jokes here that would be amusing yet tasteless from many comics, but from someone as good-natured and lovely-seeming as Millican, somehow become even funnier.

This does mean that the dating shows segment works better with her style than the wildlife one. To be honest, itís kinda one of those comedian formats that leaves you wishing they were able to just do some stand-up, rather than having to bend it around this twisty shape.

Still, if you like Sarah Millican, youíll enjoy The Sarah Millican Television Programme, for all the reasons I stated at the very start. And if you havenít heard her radio series, Sarah Millicanís Support Group, itís excellent, and I believe theyíve recently started selling it on CD and download.

The Sarah Millican Television Programme is on BBC2 at 10PM. More information on the BBC's official site.


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