Being Human: Making History Spoiler Free Preview!


Its been eight good episodes for All New Being Human and now, at last, its time for a two-part finale. As youve probably gathered, the Old Ones are coming and, meanwhile, theres the tiny issue of a future version of Eve running around.

Yes, not just the supernatural but time travel as well. Can one TV show stand this level of implausibility?

Theres a lot of exposition here, as youd expect, getting most of the explanations out of the way in advance of the proper final episode. But they still fit in a few sprayings of gore, including moments that are among the least pleasant in recent Being Human memory. Squeamish viewers, be prepared.

Despite the amount of time given over to lengthy speeches and flashbacks, the episode starts off at quite a pace, cutting to the action so fast that you might worry youve missed a week. So when you sit down to watch this, ready yourself for stuff happening right off the bat. Yes, as well as blood and gore. A demanding episode.

And not a particularly cheery one either. After a mostly quite light series, perhaps theyve earned a dark finale, but the change in tone is so abrupt that it still feels a bit odd. The subplot about Hals lovelife continues here too, and it almost feels out of place. But, conversely, I did enjoy a few mentions of Toms beloved Allison.

Its hard to say much more, both due to spoiler restrictions and because, lets be honest, its the first of a two-part finale. Theres good build-up here, but a lot rests on whether the conclusion works. For now, however, I can report Being Human series 4's ending is off to a strong start. Let us know how you found it.

Being Human airs at 9PM on Sunday on BBC Three. More information on the BBC official site.


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