Being Human: The War Child – Spoiler Free Preview!


In our very last spoiler-free Being Human preview, I will attempt to react to the big finale in a way that does not in any way give away the storyline. I might just type at random, to be honest. Maybe do some free-form poetry about salad.

No, okay, I’ll give it a try anyway.

As revealed last time, this episode features the Old Ones, led by horror/fantasy overlord Mark Gatiss, finally arriving, after vampires vamping it up for the whole series. Hijinks then ensue, especially because lead henchvampire Cutler has now realised that Eve (aka “The War Child” aka “The Terminator”) is still alive.

Don’t think I spoilt anything new there. Gatiss is very good, even if his scenes are tragically few. His character is a bit of an obvious villain, but with enjoyable touches. To be honest, the Old Ones are just something to kick against; the meat of this episode is about our main characters and what they choose. Will Annie kill Eve? Will Hal give in to his urges? Will Tom finish cooking his special recipe in the kitchen?

(Just FYI, that last one is not a joke, and may or may not relate to my earlier comment about salad.)

It may lack a sense of apocalyptic threat, but those character dilemmas do carry weight after all these weeks growing to care about them, and there are real consequences by the end. That’s all I’ll say about this last Being Human, for now. Enjoy the finale, and let us know below if you have any particular expectations or worries.

The series 4 Being Human finale airs at 9PM on Sunday on BBC Three. More details on the official BBC Being Human site.


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