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Line Of Duty - renewal confirmed!

AC-12 will return. Definitely.

The Musketeers 1:10 Musketeers Don't Die Easily

The explosive finale to the first season of the Musketeers see's friend against friend, Church against the Crown, but will everyone walk out alive?

The Musketeers 1.09 Knight takes Queen

This weeks episode sees the Musketeers drawn into a plot to kill the Queen, but who is pulling the assasins strings?

Line Of Duty: 2.06

The finale of Line Of Duty. Did you like? We did.

The Musketeers 1.08 The Challenge

This week The Musketeers have to deal with Labarge, a ruthless prisoner and a guest role from Vinnie Jones.

Hidden Down The TV Guide #7: Watching the detectives, Ant & Dec, and more

The Following, Line Of Duty, Law & Order: UK, Collectaholics, and Ant & Dec all in one article. Crazy.

Line Of Duty: 2.05

Has any show been consistently as good as this? Probably not. We love Line Of Duty.

The Musketeers: 1:07 A Rebellious Woman

The Musketeers hits its stride this week with a tale of female emancipation, witchcraft and double dealing at court.

Hidden Down The TV Guide #6 - online channels?

The future is bright except there's limited content and managed choice....

Line Of Duty: 2.04

Week 4 and it's all to play for. Apart from poor DI Denton maybe.

BBC confirms BBC Three to become online only

It's official. BBC 3 is so successful that it is being turned into an online channel!

The Musketeers: 1.06 - The Exiles

Intrigue and babysitting are the order of the day as the Kings Mother returns to court, and The Musketeers hunt a kidnapped child.

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle Season 3

Our favourite "cultural bully" returns.....

Line of Duty: 2.03

The BBC drama continues to twist and turn. Who's good? Who's bad? Is anyone either?

Ripper Street will be back...

It's cancelled. No it's not. Well done Amazon.

The Musketeers:1.05 - Homecoming

After a short break The Musketeers returned to our screens on Sunday,with Porthos under sentence of death. James Turner has a look at what happened next. Contains spoilers.

Inside Number Nine

Inside Number Nine, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton's new anthology series on BBC 2 started in February. Here James Turner gives a mid-series review

Line Of Duty: 2.02

Another week, another thrilling Line Of Duty. Bravo Keeley Hawes.

BBC commissions Tom Rob Smith's London Spy

It has spies and is in London, yep....

Line Of Duty: 2.01

Wow, what a ride. And it's only the first episode.

The Musketeers 1:04 - The Good Soldier

Episode 4 reviewed by our James

Rob Brydon' The Guest List for saturday nights

Your name's not down so you're not coming in.....

Silent Witness: Fraternity - 17.09/10

The final two parter of series 17. Is it any good?

Line Of Duty: Series One

The fantastic BBC cop drama from 2012, on DVD at last.

The Musketeers: 1.03 - Commodities

Ghosts from the past return to haunt Athos.......
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