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Love comes to Netflix

A new comedy for Netflix in 2016.

Community - a text book example of a return to form

Two great seasons, one good and one we'd rather forget. Can Community Season 5 really put things right?

Community Season 5 animated trailer

Our return to Greendale can't come quick enough...

Community Season 5 - trailer

There may be no Chevy Chase, but it looks like Community has a chance of recapturing the magic of the first three seasons.

US TV news-fest! Renewals, cancellations and new shows!

The announcements begin across the Atlantic! Which TV shows will live and which will die?

Community - Season 4 trailer

Back on US TV on 7th February. UK air date to be confirmed.

Pierce Hawthorne has left the building...

Actor brand sitcoms the "lowest form of Television"...

News Surfing: HBO continues war on Presidency! Charlie Brooker back to hate everyone! MORE!

HBO vs President! Brooker vs World! New Girl vs UK! Dexter vs public! Fight special!

DVDs Galore!

With current DVD releases, I wonder if people are going to leave the comfort of their house (and DVD Player)...