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Hero or Villain: We Decide #5 - Hannah Horvath

Few characters evoke such revulsion as Hannah Horvath from Girls but why should a 20-something girl be so hated?

Girls Seasons 1 & 2 - Review

What's life really like for a twenty-something in New York trying to make it financially, professionally and socially in today's world?

Fringe: Season 5 - Review

As Fringe ends, is it our very favourite thing?

We Recommend: Fringe Season 5

Fringe begins its final season

Fringe: Season 4

To coincide with the DVD and Blu ray launch, we take a look at how much the Fringe universe has changed during it's fourth season.

Neither Here Nor There

As Fringe welcomes back viewers for season four, what did The Digital Fix think?

Fringe Season 3

Did Fringe season three live up to expectations?

Fringe Season 4 Promo

Fringe! Season 4! Trailer! Come quickly!

The Plateau

Season 3 of Fringe continues with an absolutely fantastic episode set in the alterniverse

Fringe - Season 3 Premiere dated

Fringe returns September 2010 for its highly anticipated third season

Over There: Part 2

Fringe ends it's second season with a fantastic episode sharing lots of cool alterniverse information whilst setting up the start of season three very nicely indeed.

Brown Betty

Fringe tells a noir fairytale as a musical and doesn't jump the shark; quite the opposite in fact...

Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver

The latest Fringe episode provides an enjoyable 'monster of the week' story whilst continuing to hint at something big coming before the end of thise season.


The latest Fringe joins the growing list of episode reviews...