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BFI to release 1965 BBC Sherlock Holmes!

What's this Watson? Holmes on DVD?

Elementary: 2.13 - All in the Family

Sherlock makes Detective Hill an offer he can't refuse...

Elementary: 2.12 - The Diabolical Kind

Moriarty is back and this time it's personal...

Elementary 2.11 - Internal Audit

Is Sherlock becoming nice? Episode 11 update ahead...

Elementary: 2.10 - Tremors

With detective Bell shot on account of Sherlock, the NYPD are thinking of firing him....

Elementary: Catch up

My dear Watson? We catch you up on Sherlock US...

Vinnie Jones to play Moriarty in Elementary

British actor set to appear in the US Sherlock Holmes adaptation as 'M'.

Benedict Cumberbatch Approves of 'Elementary'

Sherlock leading man calls the US series "absolutely brilliant".

A Scandal in Belgravia

Such a shame for Sherlock's new outing...

CBS to make a modern day Sherlock Holmes... wait, haven't we seen that somewhere before?

With BBC Sherlock still in production, are CBS' plans for a remake a little premature?

Big Finish - April Round-up

It's the Doctor and Jamie, and Holmes and the Ripper this month from Big Finish.

Big Finish - December Roundup

It was a bumper end of the year for Big Finish, with two Christmas specials, the release of their annual "Subscriber Freebie" An Earthly Child, and the second audio in their new Sherlock range. James has a listen and offers his verdict.