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How Many Episodes Are Right For A TV Series?

22 or 12 episodes a year. What is the right length for a TV show?

Could Netflix be keen on an exclusive Star Trek series?

IF it happened, it could be fantastic news indeed.

Star Trek Continues - Episode 1 - Pilgrim of Eternity

Continuing the voyages of the Enterprise...

I've Never Seen Star Trek: The Next Generation

One writer checks out Star Trek: The Next Generation, with no prior experience to save him...

Star Trek: TNG Blu-ray audio issues

Seven episodes affected...

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CBS to make a modern day Sherlock Holmes... wait, haven't we seen that somewhere before?

With BBC Sherlock still in production, are CBS' plans for a remake a little premature?

Star Trek: The Original Series coming to US Blu-ray in December

Paramount Home Entertainment have announced the US Blu-ray Disc release of Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 3 on 15th December 2009. Click below for details on the extras and full pack shots.

Classic Science Fiction - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Visitor

Kicking off a series of retrospective looks at some of the best stories in science fiction, Colin talks about the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode, The Visitor. Before Ron Moore brought us Battlestar Galactica, he was a producer on what is now widely considered one of the best Trek spin-offs - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As a series it broke away from what we knew as Trek and gave us something darker, grittier and far more involving. After a few years, the show really hit its stride and with Season 4 really kicked into top gear. The season opener, Way of the Warrior unfortunately overshadowed one of the series true gems - after the wonderful bombastic opening to the season we had a much lower key and personal story.