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Hero or Villain: We decide #1

Hero or Villain? You Decide

The Musketeers:1.05 - Homecoming

After a short break The Musketeers returned to our screens on Sunday,with Porthos under sentence of death. James Turner has a look at what happened next. Contains spoilers.

Fringe: Season 5 - Review

As Fringe ends, is it our very favourite thing?

Fringe: Season 4

To coincide with the DVD and Blu ray launch, we take a look at how much the Fringe universe has changed during it's fourth season.

Inside Men - Review

Final verdict for the BBC's suspense-heist drama.

We Recommend: Inside Men

We go inside Inside Men, the new crime drama from BBC One.

We Recommend: The Jury

After a nine year wait, The Jury returns for a second series and it looks rather promising.

New Channel 4 drama Top Boy

Ronan Bennett's new thriller takes a fresh look at the 'youth' in 'youth crime'.

Neither Here Nor There

As Fringe welcomes back viewers for season four, what did The Digital Fix think?

Where is Peter Bishop?

Ever wondered what life without Peter Bishop would feel like?

Fringe Season 3

Did Fringe season three live up to expectations?

Fringe Season 4 Promo

Fringe! Season 4! Trailer! Come quickly!

Breaking Bad Fully Defined

Breaking Bad has an end-point.

The Plateau

Season 3 of Fringe continues with an absolutely fantastic episode set in the alterniverse

The Box

Fringe season three moves back to our world and the discovery of a box seemingly capable of killing each and every person in the vicinity - what can the Fringe division do to stop it?


Fringe is back with the season three opener! Now arguably the top dog in Sci-Fi, can Fringe hit the ground running and continue the exponential quality growth it showed in the second half of last year?

Over There: Part 2

Fringe ends it's second season with a fantastic episode sharing lots of cool alterniverse information whilst setting up the start of season three very nicely indeed.

Over There: Part 1

Fringe nears the season's end with part one of the climactic story which delivers on every count.

Northwest Passage

Fringe meets the Goonies this week as it sets things up for it's two-part season finale.

Brown Betty

Fringe tells a noir fairytale as a musical and doesn't jump the shark; quite the opposite in fact...

The Man from the Other Side

The two worlds collide in space and time allowing for Peter to learn something very important.

White Tulip

'White Tulip' is the requisit time-travel episode but done in such a way as to drive forward the arc of the main character.

Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver

The latest Fringe episode provides an enjoyable 'monster of the week' story whilst continuing to hint at something big coming before the end of thise season.


The latest Fringe joins the growing list of episode reviews...