Legends of Tomorrow: 2.16 Doomworld



Unfortunately, this title writes a cheque the episode is unable to cash. This is a fun enough precursor to next weeks finale but it suffers from feeling a little cheap, as well as things being fixed a little easily. Oh, and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

The Spear of Destiny has given The Legion of Doom the power to re-write the very fabric of reality. How do they use this awesome power? Well, Thawn is now in charge of Star Labs so, thatís cool I guess, he got his old job back? The whole episode suffers from how small scale the Legionís machinations seem to be. They could have re-written all reality. Reality itself. Anything at all. They havenít even put themselves in charge of the world! Or made dragons real.

So in this evil reality (seriously though, things donít seem that bad in Doomworld) Thawn is a Steve Jobs type who has made the world a better place, Darhk has his magic back and Merlin has his family back. Instead of killing the Legends or, you know, erasing them from ever existing, the Legion have just reprogrammed them. So Sara and Amaya are sexy assassins working for Darhk, Jax and Stein are scientists working for Thawn, Mick (with his pre Doomworld memory in tact forÖ some reason?) and Snart are working as goons and Ray is working for them as a janitor. SoÖ the Legionís evil plan involved giving the Legends jobs?

We get to see Rip, who is trapped on the Waverider somewhere and apparently has been for some time as he has mastered the art of celebration cake making. This is a fun side story and Ripís cakes are exquisite, though Iím pretty sure if Rip was stuck alone with Gideon on the Waverider for a year heíd just end up trying to have sex with the computer terminal.

In this not even as bad as the alternative 1985 from Back to the Future II evil world, Generic Nate is even more generic. In this world, he is a conspiracy nut with really bad hair living in his mumís basement, who seeks out Thawnís help after he starts having feelings and visions that the world isnít right. Nate ends up finding Ray, along with help from Mick who has been flip-flopping allegiance all over the place. Ray has, despite being an apparent stoner, just sort of made a gun that returns peoples memory from the previous reality? Sure, why not.

So Ray, Mick and Nate try and get the rest of the team together and give them their memories back. Things seem to be pretty easy for Team Legs to be honest and by the end of the show, everyone except Stein has their memories back, though Thawn has had him creating a pit hotter than the sun so he can destroy the spear and solidify this reality. I donít know why he wants to do this, itís a crappy reality and I donít know why he needS Stein to build him a reactor when he can JUST CHANGE REALITY AND HAVE A REACTOR?!? Or, you know, a create a giant nuclear hedgehog with magic spear eating powers. I mean, he can control reality so he could do that?

A nice touch early on is the Legion's collection of superhero masks Ė trophies from those they've killed Ė including of course, The Flash. The whole episode does maintain the idea that Thawn is so egotistical he needs to flaunt his power over his enemies, hence keeping the Legends around like pets but there are a lot of holes in this. Whatís really lacking is a sense of scale or scope. It would have been nice to see a truly extraordinary alternate reality. When Doctor Who plays with fractured reality they have dinosaurs, zeppelins and monorails twisting around Big Ben. Here, we just get that annoying woman from Arrow in a black wig doing Batman Voice.

This is a fun episode but try not to think about it too much as it just falls apart and even steps into frustrating. There is a bit of a surprise just before the cliffhanger but knowing the make-up of this show it feels a little emotionally empty and I have a suspicion it will be casually remedied next week. Though the reveal that Rip and the Waverider have been shrunken and are sitting on Thawnís desk this whole time was funÖ but stupid and illogical. But hay, fun, stupid and illogical is what Legends of Tomorrow is all about.


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