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Arrow: 3.16 The Offer

The ultimate temptation by the devil...

The Flash: 1.15 Out Of Time

Flash versus The Weather Wizard and a shocking cliff-hanger...

The Walking Dead: 5.15 Try

Rick loses it. The others try to find it.


We come from a land down under... Cornwall's copper mines.

Fortitude: 1.08

Monsters and Demons

The Blacklist 2.11: Ruslan Denisov, 2.12: The Kenyon Family

Two thought-provoking, morally grey episodes that does what The Blacklist does best.

Arrow 3.15: Nanda Parbat

Oliver vs Malcolm vs Laurel vs The League Of Assassins...

Gotham: 1.11 Rogues' Gallery/1.12 What the Little Bird Told Him

Jim Gordon is sent to Arkham Asylum - what happened next was shocking...

12 Monkeys - the season's biggest surprise

The Army of the 12 Monkeys are coming to kill us all.

The Walking Dead: 5.14 Spend

Geez, that was traumatic.

Fortitude: 1.07

A feeding frenzy of violence and paranoia.

Better Call Saul: 1.06 Five-O

Mike (Jonathan Banks) steps into the spotlight in the latest episode.

Arrow 3.14: The Return

Back to the island...

The Flash 1.14: Fallout

A dramatic conclusion to the Firestorm story line and some surprising revelations this week...

The Blacklist 2.09, 2.10: Luther Braxton Parts 1 and 2

An explosive two-parter to herald The Blacklist Mark II...

Arrow 3.13: Canaries

Dangerous alliances and secrets finally revealed...

Fortitude: 1.06

The inhabitants of Fortitude start to feel The Strain.

Better Call Saul: 1.05 Alpine Shepherd Boy

Jimmy delves into the stranger side of law...

The Flash 1.13: The Nuclear Man

The start of a dramatic two-parter and a very different meta human...

Better Call Saul 1.04: Hero

This ain't no place for a hero...

Fortitude: 1.05

Broadchurch meets 28 Days Later On Ice

Arrow 3.12: Uprising

Malcolm Merlyn takes centre stage...

The Flash 1.12: Crazy For You

Another villain with cool powers - shame about the execution...

The Walking Dead: 5.11 The Distance

This show is getting seriously good.

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