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Fargo: 1.08 The Heap

Everything is in place for the end of the season - but where will the pieces fall?

Britain's Got Talent

Is there still a place on TV for talent shows, or has Britain's Got Talent had it's day?

Happy Valley: Episodes 3-6

A much happier valley now?

Penny Dreadful 1.03 Resurrection

A stronger episode of Penny Dreadful this week, as Rory Kinnear takes centre stage.

Fargo: 1.07 Who Shaves the Barber?

Fargo slows down but allows Martin Freeman to shine

Game Of Thrones: 4.08 The Mountain and The Viper

Holy moly Game Of Thrones. What next?

In the Flesh Episodes 3 and 4

Things are heating up in Roarton as old battle lines are redrawn, and the time is coming where you have to decide which side you're on. The living, or the undead.

Penny Dreadful: 1.02 Séance

It's an inconsistent episode of Penny Dreadful this week, but boasting strong performances and dark, emotive set pieces.

Fargo: Season 1 Catch-Up

Six episodes of brilliance. Here's hoping four to go...

Game Of Thrones: 4.07 Mockingbird

Excellent stuff on Game Of Thrones this week, one of the best of season 4.

Penny Dreadful: 1.01 Night Work

An intriguing first episode for new television horror, Penny Dreadful.

Happy Valley

The most misleading title in TV history. Yes it's the gripping Happy Valley.

Game Of Thrones: 4.06 The Laws Of Gods And Men

Think of it as Silk but with dragons and Charles Dance.


More than just another ITV crime drama

In the Flesh 2:01/2:02

BBC Three's acclaimed Zombie Drama In the Flesh returns for a second series in a longer 6 part run, we review Episodes 1 & 2 here.


John Simm and Craig Parkinson star in another cop on cop drama. Only this time on ITV.

Game Of Thrones: 4.05 First Of His Name

This week, some talking. And more talking. A bit of walking and talking. And a sword through the head. Cool.

Game Of Thrones: 4.04 - Oathkeeper

Can we learn to live with Jaime Lannister again?

Game Of Thrones: 4.03 - Breaker Of Chains

More misery but also some fun. Later than usual it's gotta be Game Of Thrones.

The Professionals: Mk I

Bodie and Doyle are back on Blu-ray.

Game Of Thrones: 4.02 - The Lion and the Rose

Spoiler alert and then spoiler alert.

Game Of Thrones: 4.01 - Two Swords

That nasty House Lannister, smug as smug can be.

The Musketeers 1:10 Musketeers Don't Die Easily

The explosive finale to the first season of the Musketeers see's friend against friend, Church against the Crown, but will everyone walk out alive?

The Walking Dead: 2.16 - A

The Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead. Rick is back.

The Walking Dead: 4.14 The Grove & 4.15 Us

And so we finally reach Terminus. It's been a long haul...

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