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The Apprentice: 10.03 Home Fragrance

The margins were tight for the latest episode of The Apprentice but which two contestants were fired?

The Walking Dead: 5.01 & 5.02

Bloody, brutal, violent, death, anger, cannibilism. Yes, The Walking Dead is back.

Peaky Blinders: 2.03

Whether family or war, it’s all about blood.

Doctor Who 8.09: Flatline

More scares and more death as dark Doctor Who continues in an estate in modern-day Bristol...

The Apprentice: 10.02 Wearable Technology

Double elimination in the bumper edition of The Apprentice but who got fired?

The Apprentice 2014: Episode One

The Apprentice returns for a tenth season with an added twist

The Blacklist: 2.01 Lord Baltimore, 2.02 Monarch Douglas Bank

We review the first two episodes of The Blacklist season two. Did it continue to deliver on its gripping first season?

Peaky Blinders: 2.02

The one where Tom Hardy is the very best Tom Hardy that he can be.

Red Shift

More small-screen SF from the BFI as the 1978 version of Alan Garner's novel comes to DVD.

Doctor Who 8.08: Mummy On The Orient Express

Plenty of mystery and plenty of scares in this week’s strong but sometimes frustrating follow up to Kill The Moon.

The Great British Bake Off Final

The Great British Bake Off Final. Who could hold their nerve for Viennoiserie, the classics and a Pièce Monté?

Doctor Who: 8.07 Kill The Moon

A great episode with plenty of scares, drama, moral dilemmas and a powerhouse performance from Jenna Coleman...

Peaky Blinders: 2.01

Season 2 of Peaky Blinders starts with a bang.

The Strain 1.03 Gone Smooth

Issues persist with this week's episode of The Strain. Does the added touch of body horror make a difference?

The Paedophile Hunter

Stinson Hunter hunts paedophiles online, but is he performing a public service or simply indulging in vigilantism?

The Great British Bake Off: 5.09 Patisserie Week

Semi-final time on The Great British Bake Off and Patisserie Week. Baklava, Schichttorte and French Entremets but who would fall before the final?

The Driver: Episode 2

Who's gonna drive you home?

The Professionals: MkII

Bodie and Doyle are back for round 2 on Blu-ray

The Leftovers: 1.03 Two Boats and a Helicopter

Episode three of The Leftovers focuses it’s tale on Chris Ecceleston’s character, in an uptick in writing, if not in tone.

Peaky Blinders: Season 1 Recap

On Thursday the 2nd of October, Peaky Blinders returns to BBC 2, so here’s a recap of season one.


Snuggle up on the virtual sofa as Gogglebox returns for a fourth series of watching other people watch TV.

Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew

Get on your dancing shoes, Ashley Banjo wants to get you dancing

Doctor Who: 8.06 The Caretaker

The Doctor invaded Clara's life at Coal Hill School this week and there was plenty to love. But was the alien threat worthy enough to make this episode a classic?

The Strain 1.02 The Box

It's week two of new vampire thriller The Strain and in this episode, Dr Ephraim Goodweather continues to investigate the mysterious virus slowly claiming the lives of last week's survivors.

The Leftovers: 1.02 Penguin One, Us Zero

Episode two of The Leftovers, HBO and Sky Atlantic's post-Rapture ode to miserablism, is lighter, richer and contains less dead dogs.

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