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Arrow 3.12: Uprising

Malcolm Merlyn takes centre stage...

The Flash 1.12: Crazy For You

Another villain with cool powers - shame about the execution...

The Walking Dead: 5.11 The Distance

This show is getting seriously good.

Broadchurch: 2.08

Season two ends, with neither a bang nor a whimper.

The Casual Vacancy

Not quite up to scratch Sunday night drama.

Fortitude: 1.04

Not so glacial any more.

The Flash 1.11: The Sound and the Fury

A deadly chess game between Doctor Wells, The Flash and the Pied Piper...

The Walking Dead: 5.10 Them

A harrowing, challenging hour of pain.

Better Call Saul - Uno/Mijo

It's showtime, folks!

Broadchurch: 2.07

In which nobody gets what they wanted.

Fortitude: 1.03

Cracks are beginning to appear.

Arrow: 3.10 Left Behind

The mid-season return of Arrow saw the fall out of his dramatic fight with Ra's Al Ghul.

The Flash: 1.10 Revenge of the Rogues

Fire and ice as The Flash returned from its mid-season break.

The Walking Dead: 5.09 What Happened And What's Going On

The most successful undead show in the world returns.

Black Mirror: White Christmas

We take a look back at Black Mirror's Christmas Special

Broadchurch: 2.06

A return to form, as death, revelation and betrayal abound.

Amazon Pilot: Bosch

Bish bash Bosch.

Amazon Pilot: Cocked

Cocked, locked, and loaded.

Fortitude: 1.02

Not quite glacial, but a gradual thaw.

Broadchurch: 2.05

Does this show still need David Tennant for anything other than star power?

Fortitude: 1.01

Death and drama amid the permafrost, Sky Atlantic’s new show comes in from the cold.

Ascension: 1.03

The concluding part of the latest big sci-fi event; did it deliver on its promise or fall at the final hurdle?

Broadchurch: 2.04

Halfway through, and all is asunder. Who can we trust in Broadchurch?

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