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Agents Of SHIELD: 2.15 One Door Closes

The other side to the fall of SHIELD...

The Code

Corruption in high places in this Australian political thriller, out on DVD.

The Flash: 1.18 All Star Team Up

Atom and the Flash versus killer bees

The Blacklist: 2.16 The Major, 2.17 Tom Keen

Our fortnightly look at The Blacklist continues with the question; who is Liz's traitorous ex husband?

Indian Summers

Indian Summers is an excellent, subtle show, dealing with complex personal and political themes as the British rule begins to lose grip in India.

The Madness of Hercules

Logic doesn't come into it.

Agents Of SHIELD: 2.14 Love In The Time Of HYDRA

Enter SHIELD's latest enemy...SHIELD?

Arrow: 3.19 Broken Arrow

The end of Team Arrow?

Game Of Thrones: 5.01 The Wars To Come

Finally it's back. FYI; mild spoilers inside.

Daredevil on Netflix: An Overview

Blind-sided by Netflix's surprisingly excellent rendition of Marvel's Daredevil.

Arrow: 3.18 Public Enemy

Starling City versus team Arrow

Atlantis: 2.07 A Fate Worse Than Death

Given the axe, but still holding its head up high.

Agents Of SHIELD: 2.13 One of Us

SHIELD versus the Slicing Talons...

The Flash: 1.17 Tricksters

The Flash is back on form after a disappointing last week.

Fortitude: 1.11

The season one finale, wherein mysteries are resolved and the survivors are counted.

Fortitude: 1.10

Drilling deep for the truth.

The Blacklist: 2.13 The Deer Hunter, 2.14 T. Earl King VI

Crazy cat ladies and psychopathic family traditions...

Agents Of SHIELD: 2.12 Who You Really Are

A Kree, an Asgardian and a SHIELD agent walk into a bar...

Arrow: 3.17 Suicidal Tendencies

Honeymooning in Kasnia.

The Walking Dead: 5.16 Conquer

Is this the best show currently on TV? Yes.

The Flash: 1.16 Rogue Time

Three rogues, one disappointing episode...

Fortitude: 1.09

Gearing up for a mammoth conclusion

Sherlock Holmes

The classic BBC series, with Douglas Wilmer as Holmes, comes to DVD,

Agents Of SHIELD: 2.11 Aftershocks

A low-key mid season return as Coulson and his team dealt with the aftermath of the incident in the temple...

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