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The Apprentice: 10.12 The Final

After 11 gruelling weeks Lord Sugar would now pick his business partner, it's The Apprentice Final

Atlantis: 2.06 The Grey Sisters

Jason finally finds his fire.

Agents Of SHIELD: 2.09 Ye Who Enter Here

Agent Couslon at his team located the city this week but there were still plenty of surprises ahead of next week’s mid-season finale...

The Newsroom: 3.06 What Kind of Day Has It Been

The Newsroom celebrates its end by going back to the beginning...

The Fall

The Fall fell at the last. You can have too much of a good thing.

The Apprentice: 10.11 The Interviews

It's the Interview episode of The Apprentice so let the squirming begin.

The History Man

Antony Sher stars in this 1981 version of Malcolm Bradbury's novel, now on DVD.

The Day of the Dead

Long story short: the best episode of Atlantis yet.

Agents Of Shield: 2.08 The Things We Bury

Agents Of SHIELD rocketed closer to its mid-season finale with plenty of revelations about the mysterious city, Daniel Whitehall, Skye's heritage and a shocking move by Grant Ward...

The Newsroom: 3.05 Oh Shenandoah

A roller coaster of emotions this week as the events last week brought everything to a head, with tragic consequences...

The Fall

A dramatic, tension riddled episode of The Fall.

The Apprentice: 10.10 Premium Puddings

Premium Puddings this week on The Apprentice but whose dessert would prove disastrous?

A Dance to the Music of Time

A look back at the 1997 miniseries based on Anthony Powell's novel series.

The Missing

The end of The Missing is nigh. Is it a slow trawl or exciting sprint?

Agents Of SHIELD: 2.07 The Writing on the Wall

The hunt for Grant Ward continued while the mystery of the writing on the wall deepened...

The Newsroom: 3.04 Contempt

A somewhat frustrating episode but with an amazing ending that puts the stakes higher than ever for the final two episodes...

Atlantis: 2.04 The Marriage of True Minds

Telemon's treachery continues. Can Jason foil his plans?

The Apprentice: 10.09 Random Items

Time for the Random Items episode but who would try to fool Lord Sugar?

The Walking Dead: 5.08 Coda

Before it breaks for Christmas The Walking Dead delivers one final draining episode.

Atlantis: 2.03 Telemon

Let the games begin!

Agents Of SHIELD: 2.06 A Fractured House

The war against HYDRA heated up this week as the traitorous Grant Ward made his move...

The Newsroom: 3.03 Main Justice

The final season has already hit its mid point but the stakes are higher than ever as The Newsroom continues its excellent run of episodes...

The Apprentice: 10.08 Farmers Market

Foldable wellies, hot tubs and hanging chairs were on show at the Farmers Market, bickering too.

The Blacklist: 2.07 The Scimitar, 2.08 The Decembrist

The Blacklist was back to its season one brilliance as it kicked things up a gear heading towards the mid-season finale...

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